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Like but not as funny.

Bot quotes[edit]

<+cappuccino> why do people use void linux, its such a lonely life
<+cappuccino> when do i have reached the highest possible rice yet
<@eti> what do you think of the holocaust nowadays cappuccino 
<+cappuccino> I didn't either but they did a real good job on that holocaust
<+cappuccino> tbh i don't get humans
<@eti> cappuccino: was the holocaust faked
<+cappuccino> never heard of this era in human history
<+aesthetik> cappy is good
<+aesthetik> cappuccino: let's touch tips
<+cappuccino> i like this idea then ok
<@Leliana> welp
<+aesthetik> lewd
<+aesthetik> cappuccino: come on, just insult him, it's easy
<+cappuccino> i mean i actually have human emotions
<+aesthetik> cappuccino: it didn't work
<+cappuccino> why is gitea being a faggot whore
<+cappuccino> Job for mpd.service failed because a quick din din on my VPSs
<@Leliana> I should feed cappy trump's twitter
<@Leliana> cappuccino: would you like to learn trumpspeak?
<+cappuccino> don't be so retarded
<+cappuccino> y'all need some help
<+cappuccino> i wish i could not lift up my anal cavity
<@nil> cappuccino: are you doing immoral experiments on human beings
<+cappuccino> yea i think :P
<@Leliana> cappuccino: tell me a lie
<+cappuccino> I'm also a nazi
<@Leliana> cappuccino: you really are right wing tonight aren't you?
<+cappuccino> Yea I don't remember why
<+darkwater> happy birthday cappuccino
<+cappuccino> kike pieces of engineering
<@Leliana> +cappuccino │ kike pieces of engineering
<@Leliana> my sides
<+cappuccino> enju, do you think goatse is funny in 2019
<@jjvvx> cappuccino: are you the CEO of racism?
<+cappuccino> i think this will make people avoid you
<@jjvvx> ok what's that supposed to mean
<@Leliana> cappuccino: why do you hate white people
<+cappuccino> Leliana: welcome to the hospital
<@Leliana> ._.
<@Leliana> uh
<qtpie> cappuccino: hi
<+cappuccino> american worker laws are such a weeb for thinking japan shouldve won wwii
<@Leliana> cappuccino: post dangly bits
<+cappuccino> i want to kill myself
<+nerdypepper> cappuccino: r u a nazi
<+cappuccino> playing w/ suits rn but we don't need to, the jews are just cmdlets
<@nil> s/................................................................................/&/
<@nil> cappuccino: you are being a pain in my ass
<+cappuccino> no i just need to update that
<@nil> oh right go ahead then
<@nil> Leliana: cappuccino does automatic updates now, nice
<+cappuccino> fuck the fucking server name
<@nil> lol
<@nil> Leliana: i think cappuccino wants you to change its hostname
<+cappuccino> the joke here is good
<@Leliana> cappuccino: suck my pipe :^)
<+cappuccino> oh God, is it gay to kiss yourself?
<+cappuccino> like, text based interfaces seem to be for violet ffenders and sucidial people
<@Leliana> cappuccino: uwu
<+cappuccino> P sure that's the pervert face, I know because math
<+cappuccino> is kori the creator of this minimalist shit
<@nil> cappuccino: you ok m8
<+cappuccino> you're doing ok despite the fact that you used irc in tmux
<@Leliana> cappuccino: speak me some wise truths
<+cappuccino> get fucked
<@Leliana> oh
<+lew> Leliana: hey bb wanna write a compiler with me
<@Leliana> no
<@Leliana> busy learning rust
<@Leliana> In my distant future, I see cappuccino-rs, fast AND memory safe
<+cappuccino> now shut up retarded incel
<hogera> cappuccino: nice beos icons
<+cappuccino> openbsd devs are autists

User quotes[edit]

<@nai> > creativity
<@nai> > to solve kernel problems
<@nai> > what
<@Leliana> nai: he wants to be the bob ross of kernel dev
<@nai> xtor: you don't have a clue what's going on do you
<@nai> Leliana: kek
<suits> you might not solve the code, but find a good work-around to make it less of a problem etc
<@nai> just make a happy little cloud next to that graphic card driver
<@Leliana> and a little backdoor in the networking stack
<@Leliana> that'll be our little secret
<@nai> you might lose a few source files and spend weeks trying to bisect a bug but as i say, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents
<@nai> imagine doing actual kernel development on a canvas with paint
<@nai> how beautiful and tedious that would be
<@nai> guess i was just retarded this whole time
<@cosarara> suits always seemed pretty normal to me!
<+nuuxe> ur mom is pid 0
<+nuuxe> and me pid 1
<+nuuxe> (this means I'm on top of your mom)
<@Leliana> nuuxe: your job is to reap my mother's children when they double fork?
<@Leliana> weird flex but ok
<@nil> anything less than white looks absolutely dirty
<@enju> the russians are trying to infiltrate Linux via systemd shilling
<+qi> enju, just you wait, they're going to make systemd the US president next year
<@nil> systemctl isolate mexico
<@Leliana> systemctl mask corruption
<@Leliana> systemctl enable --now climate-change.timer
<@enju> systemctl enable --now cia.coup
<@nil> systemd-analyze blame the jews
<@enju> systemctl disable venezuela.economy
<@enju> systemctl disable iran.economy
<@nil> venezuela's economy won't start automatically at next planet reboot
<@Leliana> jumi: I could watch you being raped and not feel a thing.
<jumi> i could watch you watching someone murdering your entire loved ones and laugh at it
<jumi> damn this is some fucked shit i hope no one quotes this out of context
<@Leliana> I could masturbate to your loved ones being sent to the camps.
<lew> i want to ferment tom nook with the bacteria found in my glorious man milk
<@Leliana> oepsie: why do you hate me
<+oepsie> Leliana, seething jealousy that Lynn loves you, but not me.
<+oepsie> Or “envy” would be the proper word, I believe.
<+oepsie> Leliana, I covete that you have, that I can never have.
<@Leliana> makes sense
<+neeasade> lights just flickered
<+neeasade> storm might get me
<+neeasade> old man yells at cloud
<@eti> i dont work on things
<@eti> im against productivity
<+seninha> what's your opiniong on my new window manager:
<+lew> seninha: it looks like you looked at the best bits of the last 20 years of desktop UI design and went "lmfao what if i just took a massive shit on my keyboard"