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Failure to abide by these simple guidelines may result in permanent removal from the channel.
This list is not all inclusive, and you may be kicked or banned at a mod's discretion for any, or no reason.

#rice is a community with a strong focus on technology. Whilst mainly being a tech community, off-topic discussions are generally acceptable. However, prolonged or uncivil discussion of certain topics such as religion and politics is discouraged.

Otherwise, we generally abide by the following behaviours:

  • Don't intentionally instigate arguments/drama. This generally means bringing up controversial topics just to get a reaction. Examples include: pro/anti-systemd, "my OS is better than your OS" and "your programming language of choice sucks".
  • Avoid personal attacks. If you have to argue, attack the argument, not the person.
  • Playful "banter" is okay - just be wise about where to draw the line!
  • Keep "roleplay" in PM, nobody wants to see it.
  • Most of the bots in the channel can be operated over PM, so if your use of a bot dictates more than a few lines in a short amount of time, take it to PM.
  • Please don’t bring bots into the channel without discussing it in #rmch first, and especially don’t test your bot in #rice under any circumstances. This also applies to client scripts that output text in response to user action in a similar way to bots.
  • Discussing piracy is OK. Linking to pirated material directly, or other resources whose sole purpose is linking to said materials, is not. Hint: Private messages.
  • Please respect the fact that #rice is an English-speaking community. Any non-English discussion should be taken to PM so as to not fill the channel with conversations that most of the channel can't even participate in.

If you have any concerns or questions about these guidelines, please come by #rmch.

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